The origins of Reflexology reach back to ancient Egypt as evidenced by inscriptions found in the physician’s tomb at Saqqara in Egypt. The translation of the hieroglyphics are as follows: “Don’t hurt me.” The practitioner’s reply was, ”I shall act so you praise me." 

In 1917 Dr. Fitzgerald discovered that the application of pressure on the specific zones of the feet not only relieved pain but, in the majority of cases, also relieved the underlying cause as well. Dr. Fitzgerald, along with Dr. S. Riley, worked closely to develop the Zone Theory which is still used today. In the 1930’s Eunice D. Ingham worked closely with Dr. Riley and was fascinated by the concept of Zone Therapy and started developing her foot reflex theory in the early 1930’s. Dr. Riley encouraged her to write her first book entitled “Stories The Feet Can Tell” where she documented her cases and carefully mapped out the reflexes on the feet as we know them today.

Through the years the techniques have been refined to the clinical "Ingham" style used widely by western practitioners today. 

Sharon Stathis of Australia has now combined Ayurveda (Indian style medicine) with the concepts of reflexology as well in a technique called "SMART". By focusing on clearing the Prana, and restoring balance, this rejuvenating therapy is an excellent choice for people who need a non-clinical treatment to restore health.


In the hectic world of today, stress is everywhere. It has a massively detrimental effect on your entire body, even if you are not acutely aware of what it is doing. The standard symptoms like headaches, upset stomach, anxiety and elevated blood pressure aside, stress has many more less noticeable effects as well.  Chronic inflammation and suppressed immune response are examples of the more subtle influences it has on the body. These, left unchecked, can have long term consequences. 

How it works

Through a relaxing foot massage, I can help to relieve stress. Not just in your mind, but in all areas of your body. The reduction of this stress and resulting inflammation allows your body to move towards equilibrium. Patients often sleep better, have quicker healing times from illnesses, and experience reduced chronic pain with regular reflexology sessions. By working certain areas of the foot, which reflect the different areas and systems in the body, I can stimulate and relieve stress in those areas. By bringing the body’s attention to areas which are under duress, we can encourage the body to heal more quickly.